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Sumaiya Bhamani
Author & Co-Founder Gheiza.com

I hold qualification as Nutritionist and Diabetes educator. I believe that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a restriction. I specialize in Diabetes, Cardiac health, Renal Health and Weight management for Adults, Pediatrics and Geriatrics.

In my entire experience I have observed, healthy living is simple and easy it just needs certain amount of guidance and motivation, which is exactly what we offer on gheiza. I therefore firmly believe/advise that small lifestyle modification can work like a “magic spell” that can correct many health/diet disorders.

I trust gheiza.com will become a place where people can experience this magic happening to them. We have one beautiful life, and all the ingredients to make it special. Lets make it happen !!




Usman Syed
Diet/Personal Counsellor & Co-Founder Gheiza.com

Engineering by profession but passionate about talking to people and helping out with their choices and directing toward whats best from them.